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Total Rewards

Total rewards is one of the most critical puzzle pieces to get right when hiring and retaining high performers. With many venture-funded employers breaking rank and making one-off offers, compensation for professionals, especially in technology, is radically rising and changing. We help you assemble the puzzle pieces to create total rewards packages that give you a justifiable structure and fast decision-making frameworks. As companies prepare for and go through IPOs, establishing compensation, benefits, and public company–compliant processes shift to the forefront of priorities.

Frederickson Pribula Li can design competitive and flexible total rewards strategies to help you attract, reward and retain top performers, while also making sure you control costs and remain compliant with legal requirements. We also evaluate company needs and show clients how to take advantage of technology through HRIS.


Creative, innovative and well-designed executive, sales, engineering and G&A compensation plans are an important factor in attracting, retaining and motivating leaders and key employees. They enable businesses to maximize value and reward shareholders by sustaining competitive advantage through the workforce. Are you compensating your leaders and employees at market average? Are you staying ahead of the curve to ensure your key executives and high-potentials aren’t in danger of being poached by competitors?

FPL consultants handle all types of compensation and benefits for executives and boards. We also conduct benchmark studies, and manage stock programs and incentive plans. Additional compensation services include custom surveys, perquisites, termination benefits, severance pay, parachutes, sales compensation, global benchmarking and ex-pat/in-pat benchmarking.

Employee Benefits

Developing the right employee benefit plans is no easy task for an organization, especially in an era of spiraling healthcare expenditures. Businesses must keep rising costs in check while also offering attractive and legally compliant benefits packages in a competitive global workplace. Are you offering the right mix of benefits for your employee demographic? Are you utilizing the best vendors with the most-competitive pricing?

FPL consultants help you find the balance, designing and developing a benefits strategy, and providing help with funding, program administration, portfolio management and employee communication. You’ll be able to deliver a well-thought-out benefits program that meets employees’ needs and allows you to control and often reduce costs.

HRIS & Analytics

Scale faster and manage costs. A robust, easy-to-use HRIS or ATS for your company delivers tangible competitive advantage, transforming your global human resources information into actionable data. Are you getting the metrics you need to make informed business decisions?

FPL consultants can help your organization evaluate its needs to match you with the right HRIS or ATS, such as Workday, PeopleSoft and Jobvite. We also assist with installation and implementation.

What Our Clients Say

Engelbert van Pelt

CEO & General Manager

MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Including global HR consulting and compensation strategy

“As CEO of numerous Philips Electronics business units and a joint venture, I have been able to use Frederickson Pribula Li’s superior resources on numerous occasions—all to excellent outcomes. Whether it’s critical searches, compensation strategy, employee communications, or career development, they provide me with excellent, fast results delivered with intelligence, integrity and style.”

Julie Murphy

Vice President of HR

MULTIPLE PROJECTS: Including technical recruiting and corporate outplacement

“Our consultant’s breadth of experience in business and HR are superior. The contributions of Frederickson Pribula Li are always right on.”