Attract and Retain Top Talent.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Management

The war for talent has reached a new level of intensity, due in equal parts to increasing globalization, competition among technology companies who are trying to recruit from virtually the same talent pool, an extreme shortage of experienced technology employees, multiple offers and competitive pressures. Prospective employees want more than a great offer. They seek companies with the right cultural fit that are willing to provide opportunities for gaining new skills and cultivating their interests and leadership capabilities. Employees want to work in an environment where they can share values, contribute, be heard and grow their careers.

Frederickson Pribula Li helps companies rethink, refine and overhaul their talent acquisition strategies and programs not only to beat the competition, but also to grow and develop talent in way that is a win-win for both the organization and the individual.

Talent Acquisition

Leadership, culture and passion drive companies to achieve their vision. Are your employees aligned with your company’s strategic plan, especially if you have recently undergone stressful workforce reductions or acquisitions?

FPL consultants specialize specializes in all aspects of strategic talent acquisition and recruiting, whether you need to define your recruiting strategy or create a new employment branding experience. We can assess and replace your existing recruiting team or serve as outsourced talent acquisition leaders until a search is completed. Employing both standard and proprietary testing and organizational assessment tools to evaluate surveys and develop action plans, we partner with you through the decision-making, change management, communications and follow-up activities, acting as player/coaches as your organization embarks on a purposeful and sustainable talent acquisition culture and model shift.

Talent Management

Companies that recognize talent, understand and value their employees' needs and aspirations, and make strategic decisions to cultivate those will become the dominant players in their respective markets. Have you developed programs that unleash your talent, not just at the senior leadership level, but also in the high-value roles? Are you engaging and motivating key employees to stay with your organization and become core contributors who can continue to grow in their versatility and skills, and to perform and provide leadership?

FPL consultants partner with you to analyze your company, industry and employee base to help you define and design a practical, affordable and scalable talent management program tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.

Diversity & Inclusion

The increasing globalization of the economic marketplace has substantially impacted the dynamics of teamwork across businesses in every industry. Companies are now able to build cross-functional and cross-regional teams that collaborate in real-time, employing professionals across different parts of the world to their comparative advantage and creating optimal teams for continued business growth. This has given rise to a global interconnectedness that has positive implications for global social good, an idea that many of today’s most-respected entrepreneurs have adopted as the next breakthrough in the business world.

FPL consultants partner with you to define your quest, whether it be to reinvent the idea of corporate diversity and inclusion for every company around the world, to create a work environment that instills a strong sense of belonging for each and every one of your employees, or to improve overall communication and productivity across the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to development and retention.

What Our Clients Say

Cheryl Hannon

Vice President of HR

MULTIPLE PROJECTS:Including talent acquisition and HR strategic consulting

“Valerie is completely in touch with the Silicon Valley job market. She is direct and forthright with feedback, and she is both astute and accomplished in dealing with her clients. Valerie and her team are at the top of the list for results.”

Laura Owen

Director of Legal Services & HR

MULTIPLE PROJECTS:Including technical recruiting and corporate outplacement

“Frederickson Pribula Li works fast and at a high level of sophistication. I was impressed with their ability to provide creative yet practical solutions. It was a marvelous experience.”