Shared Vision. Competitive Advantage.

HR Strategic Planning

Every company’s future depends upon an HR strategy and a corporate culture that align with a flexibly structured, strategic business plan. The right HR strategy, when combined with a culture that promotes the best way of working, produces shared vision that generates value for the business. When everyone – from the board to the executives to the individual contributors – is operating from the same playbook, they are a powerful force for accomplishing business goals.

Frederickson Pribula Li designs and optimizes HR strategies to achieve alignment for organizations of every size and growth stage. We work with boards of directors to improve HR governance and compliance, and help corporations develop employee communications and employment branding strategies to convey their culture and strategic vision to both their team and prospective employees.

HR Strategic Plans

HR strategic plans enable business leaders to respond to the human-capital issues that influence key business decisions and to make wise decisions about how to participate and position themselves in markets.

FPL consultants work with company leaders to build HR strategic plans that consider labor markets and pools, legal environments, employment law, cultural differences and motivation, total cost of employment, and how to attract and retain talent. We bring domestic and international HR strategic planning input to the process to create a flexible plan that aligns with individual goals and responsibilities, and can be easily modified as a company grows.

Board Services

Good governance is accountable, transparent, equitable, ethical, participatory and responsive to stakeholders. Finding and retaining seasoned board members who can promote good governance is more challenging than ever before because of the increased scrutiny over CEO pay and the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley.

FPL consultants have decades of experience working with boards of directors to assess their composition, develop diversity and collaboration, and promote performance and effective governance.

Integrated board services include:

  • Board of directors, committee chairperson and advisory board searches
  • Board appraisals
  • Placement of HR executives on boards
  • New board member integration
  • Team building
  • Compensation consulting
  • Organizational development
  • Corporate governance consulting

Additional services for startups:

  • Introductions to venture capitalists, private equity firms, angel investors and strategic partners
  • Fundraising
  • Business plan review
  • Strategic planning
  • Advisory Board recommendations
Employment Branding & Employee Communications

How you tell your organization’s story – its values, goals, and impact on society and the environment – is critical to being seen as a desirable employer. Employment branding helps companies attract key talent in a highly competitive, global business market. Well-designed employee communications strategies promote corporate culture, internal alignment and support for the direction of HR within your business, whether you’re targeting your employees, board of directors, executive team, customers, suppliers or partners. How do potential employees view your corporate brand and culture? Are you connecting with different generations in the workforce through targeted employee communications that are meaningful to each?

Over the years, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. FPL consultants have worked with many successful companies to design and carry out employee communications programs that promote the brand externally and advance internal stakeholder understanding and buy-in. We also help organizations excel in critical communications projects, such as those involving restructurings, acquisitions and new stock programs.

What Our Clients Say

T.H. Tan


PROJECTS:Multiple projects including HR strategy and organizational development

“I brought in Frederickson Pribula Li to assist me with a number of critical organizational and communications issues related to our executive team and board of directors organizational and communications issues. These were very difficult situations that required understanding, patience, coordination and experience beyond what most consulting firms could provide. Ms. Frederickson and the team of consultants far exceeded my expectations in terms of competency, judgment and service.”

Jim Richter

Vice President of HR

PROJECTS:Multiple projects including talent and HR strategic consulting services

“The folks at Frederickson Pribula Li do great work and are excellent to work with. I trust them with my most important asset: our people.”