Starting Strong.

Startup HR Consulting

Focus on what you do best: R&D, time-to-market, customer acquisition, land grabs and capturing market share. We’ll take care of the rest.

Frederickson Pribula Li will help your startup develop a scalable HR strategy and an HR infrastructure that will allow you to manage growth, attract and retain top talent, motivate employees, minimize risk, and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements.

Build flexibility

We help startups retain their focus on growth and avoid pitfalls. Through our startup HR consulting practice, we develop HR strategies and processes that promote long-term success, including competitive hiring, proper training and leadership development, robust total rewards programs, and clear workplace policies that minimize serious issues and liability risk.

Generate value

We have helped hundreds of venture-funded and private equity–funded tech and biotech startups build sustainable businesses with strong workforces. With 20-plus years of HR experience mentoring pre-IPO startups at all stages, we can quickly and cost effectively help young companies with every aspect of their people operations, both strategic and tactical.

Solutions for Startups
Infancy & Discovery (0-50 employees)

A dedicated HR consultant partners with top management in order to conduct an assessment of current activities, and establish, implement and manage activities, programs and processes to fuel effective and efficient growth of the company. They are retained on-call for the CEO/CFO.

During this phase, FPL consultants support and own all HR activities, both strategic and day-to-day. The dedicated consultant also helps onboard and train internal HR support once your startup is ready to engage full-time hires.

Early Growth & Validation (50-125 employees)

The dedicated HR consultant expands his or her retainer to encompass on-site work one to two days each month, managing and driving all strategic HR initiatives and serving as a mentor and resource to both the executive team and internal HR administrator.

During this phase, FPL consultants typically focus on scaling up the talent acquisition team, identifying and addressing compensation issues, implementing a performance management system and program, and shoring up the HRIS systems.

Established & Scaling (over 125 employees)

The dedicated HR consultant converts to a part-time or full-time on-site contractor and becomes the interim Director or Vice President of HR while the executive team prepares to hire its first Head of HR.

During this phase, FPL consultants prioritize scalability issues to include equity dilution, international expansion activities, attraction and retention of key talent, mergers and acquisitions, pre-IPO due diligence and preparations, and readying for potential exit strategies.

What Our Clients Say

Paul Ostegaard

Founder & CEO

PROJECTS:Multiple projects including building the HR function from scratch and scaling it as the company grew

“Frederickson Pribula Li’s consultants started with ShipServ when we were a man, a notebook PC and a dream. They provided invaluable early stage assistance to us as we brought on our first employees around the world. Through their vast experience, global expertise and caring professionalism, they helped me create a company that is now the global leader in its space.”

Odysseas Tsatalos

Co-Founder & CTO

PROJECTS:Multiple projects including building the HR function from scratch and scaling it as the company grew

“We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for Frederickson Pribula Li’s partnership in strategic planning, building our executive team, helping with the board and introducing us to key venture capital contacts. I consider them a critical partner to my company.”