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Career Transition & Job Search Resources

If you’ve recently been released by an employer, you may be experiencing disbelief, shock or a sense of being overwhelmed. These feelings are completely natural. Once you’ve given yourself some time to get past these initial emotions, you will find that being proactive, strategic and positive will help you move more quickly into the next season of your career.

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Your Online Social Media & Professional Presence

LinkedIn LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe.

FPL Tip: If you focus on only one social media channel for your job search, make it LinkedIn. Recruiters use this site as one of their top tools to recruit individuals. Creating a presence here will dramatically increase your hit rate. Use their step-by-step wizard to include as much information as you can. The more you share (professionally, of course), the better chance of being discovered by a company looking to hire stellar talent like yourself!


The most well-known social media platform in the world, Facebook enables you to keep up with friends. Wherever you, whatever you do, stay close to the people who matter.

FPL Tip: Ensure that your public profile presents you in a professional manner. Limit your professional network’s ability to see your photos, wall posts and other irrelevant information. And, most importantly, remember that your profile picture speaks a thousand words.


Google+ is a social media tool that enables you to share the right things with the right people.

FPL Tip: You are forever Google-able so make sure that you scrub your presence as cleanly as possible. Make use of the ‘circles’ function to limit access.


Twitter is your window to the world. Get real-time updates about what matters to you. Instantly connect to breaking news, expert advice, company updates and more.

FPL Tip: If you are specifically targeting a company, why not follow their Tweets? This will allow you to stay current on what matters most to your prospective employer. If you currently use Twitter for personal sharing, don’t forget to limit access. It is important to keep in mind that every comment you make will forever be archived in the Library of Congress so only share what you won’t mind your professional networks seeing. Should you wish to start a Twitter account and use it for professional purposes, make sure that all your Tweets are relevant and add value to your audience. You want attention by having people Follow rather than Unfollow you!


Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. Their mission: the best answer to any question.

FPL Tip: Showcase your expertise by joining topics and providing answers. VCs, executive search professionals and recruiters regularly scan the Quora forums to identify top talent.

Search Firms & Recruiters 101
Search firms can be a helpful part of your job search strategy.

Different recruiters know about different positions through specialized industry knowledge or client databases. Because of the extensiveness and expansiveness of their personal networks, search firms often also know of job openings well in advance of its public release—job openings that you may never hear about on your own. By sending out your resume widely, your information will be entered into various confidential databases and you will be alerted of a greater number of positions. We recommend keeping recruiters informed of your career moves to take advantage of their expertise throughout your career. Recruiters can also be good confidantes, sounding boards and advisors whether or not you are contemplating a career change.

Search firms will keep your resume strictly confidential.

Generally, recruiters will not share your resume with any employer or give your name to anyone else without obtaining your specific permission to do so. The recruiter will talk to you about a particular position and then ask your permission to share your resume with that employer. By working with a search firm, you gain the advantage of managing your career and job search in privacy.

Fees are paid by the employer, not the job candidate.

Search firms work for the employer and are paid by the employer for locating the right individual for the job opening. Fees are generally based on the type of search contract that is negotiated – retained or contingency.

Recommended Reading List
Job Boards

Indeed Indeed As the world's #1 job site, with over 180 million unique visitors every month from over 50 different countries, Indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work. Indeed is intensely passionate about delivering the right fit for every hire. Indeed helps companies of all sizes hire the best talent and offers the best opportunity for job seekers to get hired.

FPL Tip: The sheer amount of information gets overwhelming so hone your search by salary, job type, title, and location.

SimplyHired SimplyHired SimplyHired indexes all the world's open jobs and develops technologies, products, and services to efficiently connect job seekers and employers at scale.

FPL Tip: The advantage to this aggregator is their ability to pull job postings from social media.

Government & Nonprofit

USAJOBS USAJOBS USAJOBS is the federal government’s official job list.

FPL Tip: Read job descriptions carefully and make sure you comply with all requirements, complete applications thoroughly, and apply early.

Idealist Idealist Idealist is the world's best place to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations working to change the world.

FPL Tip: Don't forget to make your profile engaging, clear, and easily searchable!


FS6 F6S is a startup community where Founders help each other grow through startup programs, deals, jobs, discussion and events.

FPL Tip: This is a great forum for someone looking to join the startup world, with resources to help you start getting involved in the community-at-large.

AngelList AngelList is a matchmaking platform for startups and angel investors that lists leads for job-seekers targeting startups.

FPL Tip: With new institutional capital of $400M from CSC Venture Capital, AngelList is the newest darling of the startup job search world, making it the best place to shop for your next startup role.

StartupHire StartupHire StartUpHire is the job search engine dedicated to recruiting exceptional talent to promising emerging growth companies.

FPL Tip: Arguably the best site for getting in on the ground floor of a startup, they have a handy dashboard for tracking job alerts. Plus they provide both stage and funding details!

Private & Publicly Traded Companies

LinkedIn LinkedIn In addition to being the leading social media tool for job seekers, LinkedIn is the dominant player in the online job search market.

FPL Tip: Ask your LinkedIn connections for recommendations and introductions. Sign up for Job Seeker Premium and take advantage of the monthly Job Seeker webinars.

Glassdoor Glassdoor The interactive online Glassdoor community focuses on providing information on how companies work and hire from insiders’ points of view.

FPL Tip: Glassdoor best serves candidates who are further along in their search and interested in whether the company is a cultural fit and how current employees feel about their internal community and management.

Dice Dice Dice.com is a career management website serving IT and engineering professionals since its inception as a bulletin board service during the advent of the internet.

FPL Tip: Dice.com offers forums where professionals can discuss current job market topics and related news in the IT field.

HIRED Hired Hired is the first two-sided marketplace created specifically for Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers and Product Managers who are overwhelmed with job opportunities.

FPL Tip: Hired targets technical professionals that are looking for pre-vetted opportunities in a specific industry, price range, and location.

TheLadders TheLadders.com TheLadders is a comprehensive career resource dedicated to advancing professionals' careers. Created as a community that helps job seekers and employers connect to fill $100K+ jobs, TheLadders now provides tools, services and insights to help all professionals at all stages of their careers succeed.

FPL Tip: TheLadders best serves individuals targeting managerial or senior individual contributor roles across all industries.

What Our Candidates Say

“My consultant’s guidance and suggestions were completely on point. He was insightful, helpful and is a real asset to your organization. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the process.”

“Because my consultant contacted me the very same day I was let go, I was never allowed the time to have a pity party. He jumped in there with me and gave me the confidence I needed to go after another job right away.”